The Marketplace Playbook

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Design & Optimisation for your Marketplace for Growth.

Whether you're frustrated with traction, preparing to scale or need a marketplace redesign/design that will improve performance, I can help.

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PS. Don't for get to ask me for a sneak peak at the Marketplace Playbook, which is designed to fastrack your marketplace journey

Marketplace Optimisation & Growth Specialist at your service!

Hi I'm Bec, your Marketplace Optimisation and Growth Specialist who can help you analyse, digest and improve your marketplace so you see an increase in your conversions, revenue, engagement and user rentention.

Whether you're frustrated with traction, preparing to scale or need a marketplace redesign/design that will improve performance, we need to chat!

Depending on the stage of your marketplace, there are a number of ways I can help you. The best way to get started is by booking a Free Discovery Session with me.

Sneak peak at the Marketplace Playbook designed to fastrack your marketplace journey

My Marketplace Powers

Marketplaces are super hard! I've been honing my marketplace skills for years to help you

  • User & Data Analysis
  • UX/UI & Product Design for Performance
  • A/B Testing
  • Comversion Optimisation
  • Customer Research & Usability Testing
  • ~ All Using my specially designed Marketplace Framework ~
What marketplace do I work with?
  • 2-Sided & 3-Sided Marketplaces & Platforms
  • Classified Websites
  • Directory Websites

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“Bec’s experience and industry knowledge was invaluable when assessing my MVP and go to market strategy. She was able to coach me through the challenges I was currently facing and provide valuable resources to assist in launching my business. I would highly recommend Bec for anyone who is looking to launch and grow their start up, or validate their idea.”
- Cass

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