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Map the Journey to True Success

Marketplaces are incredibly complex to build and grow, but a great way to reduce the overwhelm you may be feeling, is by focusing your efforts on one thing...

"Your mission as a Marketplace Founder is to get your users to the point of their True Success as quickly and painlessly as possible."

If you can focus on this, you will start seeing a positive impact on your growth.

Why map out the Journey to True Success'?

This excerise takes from 1 to 2 hours typically, and you can use this same process to dive in to many facets of your marketplace.

By mapping the journey to True Success for both sides of your marketplace, you will start to experience your marketplace through the eyes of your users. This is incredibly important. It will help you to identify what is important to them, how

What you'll need to get started

You'll need to know the point of True Success (in other words how users on both sides on your marketplace measure success on your platform). If you don't know the point of True Success for each side, head back and read: TRUE SUCCESS: The ULTIMATE goal of your Marketplace

Once you have that you are ready to get started...

It's time to get started...

To learn how to apply this, here is some recommended reading:

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A strong foundation is the key for any Marketplace. The Marketplace Map and 'The 8 Pillars of Marketplace Success' is the best way to ensure you are building on a solid foundation.