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Build with less stress, less cost and a greater chance of success!

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Marketplaces are hard! Set yourself up for success with The Marketplace Builder Toolkit

Poor planning combined with a lack of technical and marketplace knowledge set up many Marketplace Entrepreneurs for stress, high cost and a higher risk of failure.

Avoid their headaches with The Marketplace Builder Toolkit - a kit that encompasses important techniques used by UX Designers, specific activities learnings from many marketplace builders before you, guiding you through critical decisions which will help you plan your marketplace - positioning you for the best chance of success from the very beginning!

Don't waste precious time and money!

This Toolkit will help you plan crucial parts your marketplace, BEFORE you engage designers or developers, saving you valuable time and money, while positioning you for the best chance of success!

Don't let your technical know-how hold you back!

No matter your technical ability, The Marketplace Builder Toolkit offers you valuble tools, resources and guidance to help you setup your marketplace for success right from the very beginning!

Don't fall into the trap that many failed marketplace founders do!

Avoid major marketplace weaknesses with this Toolkit, which is designed to help you lay solid foundations from the beginning.

Whether you want to build the next big thing...

Build Marketplace like Airbnb, Uber or Etsy. Build Marketplace like Airbnb, Uber or Etsy. Build Marketplace like Airbnb, Uber or Etsy. Build Marketplace like Airbnb, Uber or Etsy. Build Marketplace like Airbnb, Uber or Etsy.

Or build a smaller niche two-sided marketplace for your existing community.

What is The Marketplace Builders Toolkit?

The Marketplace Builders Toolkit encompasses the learnings from many Marketplace Builders before you, along with my 10+ years experience as a UX/UI Designer working with tech entrepreneurs who were all where you stand right now.

The Toolkit is designed to lead you through the important decisions and planning you will need before you start building, posititioning you in a place of confidence and power when you begin the build process, not matter what build path you take.

Through its step-by-step guide, worksheets and real life examples, the Toolkit provides you with everything you need to positioning you for the best chance of success, while reducing the risk of unexpected cost, stress and wasted time.

Although the Toolkit itself, won't build your marketplace for you, it WILL:

  • Help you feel confidence in the way you choose to build
  • Prepare you for the build process so you can avoid wasting time and money.
  • Give you confidence if/when you work with designers & developers
  • Help you to make critical decisions, and reduce your risk
  • Guide you as you plan out your marketplace, and map out what you need

Toolkit Modules

The Toolkit is split into three modules.

Module 1.
Gain Clarity and Map your Marketplace

Module 1 will guide you through making some of the most critical decisions of your marketplace, helping you to avoid major failure points before you even build.

You'll take your idea and map it out using The Marketplace Map, which you will then use as your guide for future modules as you Build, Launch and Grow your marketplace.

Module 2.
Define what you'll build while reducing risk and cost

Module 2 focuses on distilling your idea down to the essentials of what you NEED to build to get your marketplace to market.

You'll start to define your Minimal Viable Product (MVP), reduce risk factors and ensure you've covered the most critical elements of any two-sided marketplace, all of which will help you save time and money regardless of if you decide to build yourself using a tool or hire a designer or developer.

BONUS - Includes real life examples of wireframes and user flows from some of the most successful marketplaces out there, to help you make your decisions.

Module 3.
Create your Action Plan and Marketplace Briefing Package

Module 3 will help you decide on how you will build, and prepare you for any discussions you will have with future partners like with designers, developers and investors.

It will help you create a Marketplace Briefing Package ready to brief anyone you plan on working with, ensuring your build process goes as smoothly as possible - saving you precious time and cost.

BONUS - Includes a Quick Reference Comparison Chart comparing the various ways you can build your marketplace, along with ballpark figures of costs involved.

This Toolkit will help you...

Build With Confidence

Know your Marketplace inside out before you start to build, so no matter what challenges come up - technical or otherwise, you're in a position to make quick, smart decisions.

Fast Track Your Build

Have your Marketplace clearly mapped out before you begin the build process, so regardless of who is building it, you can build it effeciently and get it to market sooner!

Reduce Your Costs

Poor planning and miscommunication can often mean big wasted $$$s. Plan well, and communicate it clearly to your partners to save precious time and money.

Save costs on Designers and Developers, by already having worked out the tricky stuff beforehand.

What's included in the Toolkit?

Your Step-by-Step Build Guide

The Guide will walk you through the mapping out of your marketplace, and help you plan the detail required before you start working with Designers, Developers or to jump into the software of your choosing.

Workbook with Printable Worksheets

The Workbook will help you nut out the details of your marketplace and once finalised, the Worksheets will form part of your Marketplace Builder Brief - the package you will use to communicate your marketplace requirements to anyone who is helping build your marketplace.

Real Life Examples

As you work through the Workbook's activities, you'll be able to see real life examples from a UX Designer's analaysis, and how they would complete the same activities. This is a really powerful way to review what works and what doesn't in existing marketplaces, while making critical decisions for your own.

BONUS - The Build Comparison Chart

The Comparison Chart will help you to compare the various ways you can build your marketplace, including hiring developers, using Wordpress themes to using existing SaS software. If you're not very technically minded, this is a great way to gain insight into the options available to you, along with the pros and cons, and ballpark costs.

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What's included in the Toolkit?

A step-by-step guide, workbook with printable worksheets with real life examples to help you make your major decisions. See the What's Included section for more details.

How long will the Toolkit and it's activities take to complete?

The Toolkit is designed to help you plan out the most critical parts of your marketplace. The time it will take will really depend on how much planning you've done previously.

What is the Refunds Policy?

If you're not happy with the Toolkit, you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase - no questions asked.

I've already started building, is it too late for the Toolkit to be useful?

Not at all. No matter what stage you're at in your Marketplace journey, the Toolkit is a great way map out your marketplace, and really get to know the in's and out's of it.
In fact, many of the Toolkit Worksheets are crucial tools when it's time focus on marketplace traction and growth, so now is the perfect time to complete these Worksheets.

Why the Marketplace Builder Toolkit?

My work with Marketplace Entrepreneurs through The Wholesome Dollar, brought to light a reoccuring struggle. A lack of planning, understanding the technical requirements of building a marketplace, and a lack of knowledge of what it takes to create a successful marketplace all seemed to be at the core of their challenges.

My goal is to set you up for the best chance of success!

What if I want more guidance? Can you help me?

I work with a select group of clients in the form of workshops and coaching. If you're interested in working with me, please see

Give your marketplace the best chance of success by laying the right foundations - starting now!

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